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Support Services

Bespoke support plans for the young people are developed based on E4L support modules. Each support module comes together to encourage holistic development. Development is assessed on a weekly/monthly basis and evidenced through detailed reports.

Accommodation/Independent living

Home maintenance, cooking, cleaning, ETE, conduct and communication with residents, wider services and professionals, utilities, money management, taking responsibility and more.

Relationships and Decision making

Thought processes, consequential thinking, communication, healthy decision making, healthy verses unhealthy relationships and more.

Community Participation

Local relationships, maintaining external areas of the property, community based activities, awareness of the local community including key services and local amenities, charitable and voluntary work.

Confidence, Self-esteem & Identity

Communication/body language, identity, building self-worth, identifying values/morals and more.

Health and Wellbeing

Holistic health, physical, mental and spirtual health. Including medical health (checkups and registering with medical services) physical fitness, healthy eating, exploring television and music consumption as well as sourcing spaces for prayer and meditation.

Education, Training and Employment

Accessing ETE, maintaining ETE, CV writing, interviewing techniques, applications, accessing support services and more.

Behaviour and Conduct

Responding verses reacting, conduct in the community, conduct with professionals and residents, communication and consequential thinking.
Specialist work is carried out for Offending, CCE, CSE, SYV or gang affiliation work. Please see specialist services for further information

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