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Mission Statement

To Provide Safe And Exceptional Support For Looked After Children/Care Leavers And Build Healthy Nurturing Relationships To Encourage Their Break Through, Transformation And Growth

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Who We Are

About Us

E4L is a supported living provision based in Essex, providing bespoke holistic and nurturing support packages for vulnerable children and young people in care.

E4L has merged their knowledge and experience in Social Care, Youth Justice and Luxury Accommodations to provide a high standard of support and accommodation for children and young people. 

We offer Specialist services for young people in need of:

Therapeutic Intervention

Gang Intervention & Prevention

Exploitation Awareness

Navigating Away From The Youth/Criminal Justice system

Health & Wellness Coaching

Being trauma informed underpins every aspect of support delivered and our reflective practice. Our awareness filters through to our systems in place and policies and procedures.

We are prevention focused and treat each child/young person as the unique individuals that they are. 

Values & Ethos

We believe that every child has the right to be supported into a successful transition from childhood to adulthood and independence irrespective of their background and or experiences. The type of support provided is paramount to ensure the young person’s developing needs are always met. This includes building firm foundations of trust and healthy relationship. Our values include: 

  • Delivering a high-quality service that improves and transforms lives 

  • Robust staff support and training, to ensure individuals are equipped and empowered to meet the presenting needs of the young people. 

  • Regular planning & strategy meetings to meet the young people's specific needs

  • Providing an inclusive service which encourages and supports young people to attain opportunities which meet their needs and desires 

  • Forming healthy relationships and leading by example. Ensuring that support and advice is demonstrated equally as it is verbalised. 

  • Joint working to meet the needs of the young person

Our Founders


E4L’s CEO Amanda, spent over two decades as a Senior Manager transforming service delivery and achieving significantly improved performance whilst embedding cultural change and a customer focussed approach, across a range of regulatory services in the public and private sector. Her expertise in business has proved invaluable in establishing the infrastructure of E4L. To pursue an outlet for her creativity Amanda opted for a career change into property management and interior design which furthered her business skills. Amanda is passionate about delivering excellent customer care and providing people with high quality accommodation that they want to call home, aiding their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Amanda Stevens


E4L’s Operations Director Danyele has dedicated nearly two decades to working with marginalised young people with complex needs. Qualified in Youth Justice, she has spent most of her professional years commissioned by multiple Local Authorities to work alongside Youth Offending Services, Probation Services, Social Care and Education in gang intervention, prevention and exploitation. Danyele achieved significantly high levels of engagement from hard-to-reach young people preventing further serious youth violence and custodial sentences. Danyele has also delivered training to professionals in gang intervention/prevention and mentoring. Her experience has laid the foundation for the E4L team to enable them to understand behaviours and the affects of trauma in order to break negative patterns and decision making. Danyele continues to strive for young people to see their value and place in society no matter their background.

Danyele Lawes

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